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Dream Splash Feng Shui Vision Board Kit " What's Inside"

What is Feng Shui Vision Board? 

It is an ancient Chinese art and science that was developed more than 3000 years ago. It is still here with us today because Feng Shui is very powerful. If you translate the two words “Feng” and “Shui,” they literally mean “Wind” and “Water.” These two elemental concepts represent your destiny and your environment. Feng Shui teaches that the two are connected, and if we live in harmony and balance with our environment, this can have a positive effect on our future. When the concepts of Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction are combined for your vision board, you have created a powerful tool for positively shaping and creating your destiny. Keep in mind a Dream Splash Feng Shui Vision Board will correspond to each section with the following basic elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, and Metal.

What's Inside:

1Dream Splash Feng Shui Vision Board 58cm x 58cm (22.8 x 22.8 inch) – this is the perfect Feng Shui sized vision board as the size and shape redound more positive energy to your board!

2. Vision Stickers – These are universal stickers made available to help you fill out each square on the vision board. It is your decision to choose to use them or create some of your own.

3Blank Stickersuse them to fill in your custom powerful affirmations. Please be sure to use only positive affirmations! Writing “I am no longer broke” creates an image of a time when you were struggling financially but using the phrase “I am wealthy now and forever” leaves no room for negative images.

4. Golden Marker – the Universe loves abundance, hence gold is the perfect symbol for it. Make sure that you include it on your vision board with your positive affirmations and drawings so you can bring the flow of wealthiness. 

5. Boarding Pass – this is a blank destination ticket where you can fill in your dream destination and then place it in your wallet, for example. 

6. Bank Check – this is a check you write to yourself. The money you would love to receive from your exciting new job, your YouTube channel, or even the lottery. This check can also be placed in your wallet and carry it around with you to attract that financial energy and wealth.

7. Certificate of Achievement – it is imperative you harbor positive aspirations for what you dream to achieve one day. Take a moment to realize what you want to accomplish. You can present the certificate to yourself for an event that will bring you an enormous sense of joy and pride. It is a great idea to frame the certificate and place it on your wall at work, in your kitchen, on the fridge, wherever you choose. Be sure you look at it at least once daily. Be proud of your progress, and encourage yourself to continue achieving more.

8. Glue Dots – you can use those to place your Dream Splash Feng Shui Vision Board and the Certificate of Achievement on your wall and start the wonderful journey of fulfilling your dreams.

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