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How to Make a Feng Shui Vision Board That Works

Feng Shui vision boards create and hold a sort of good magic!

I love making them! This is my little personal annual ritual and I am looking forward to it every year. 

Feng Shui Vision Board works for me on many levels:

  • It is an important part of my annual goal-setting process. It helps me set and prioritize my goals, set the intentions in my head and sends them out to the universe.
  • It is fun to make and you can get super creative with it.
  • Seeing my Feng Shui Vision Board daily - with images and affirmations representing my dreams, goals, wishes, and values - reminds me what I want to do, have, and be.
  • Ensures that I continue to move towards my dreams and goals, both consciously and unconsciously.


Do Feng Shui Vision Boards Actually Work?

Yes, yes and YES!

They have worked for me. They have worked for my friends. They have worked for so many people and for so many years!

I personally owe so much to my previous Feng Shui Vision Boards and to the Universe. I owe my Visa to the USA, the car I drive, all the wonderful places I went, my current job, my business! All of it! I know that some of you may be skeptical. However, In my heard I have NO DOBTH that thanks to The Law of Attraction, Feng Shui and visualization, things just perfectly aliened for me.

But they work on other levels as well. Besides just the fact that what I put on them becomes reality sooner or later.

As mentioned before, the act of making them helps me with my goal setting. I also add values - things that are important to me and that I want to focus on more.

With all that in mind, I thought I’d share my process on how to make a Feng Shui Vision Board that works for you.


How to Make a Feng Shui Vision Board that Works


  • Poster board
  • Colorful paper sheets 
  • Magazines, images and text from artwork, old books, computer printouts, etc.
  • Markers
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • A positive, excited, and happy frame of mind


My Feng Shui Vision Board Process

1. I write down all of my dreams and goals

I do this at least one week before I start putting together my Feng Shui Vision Board. First, I write down 9 different sectors - Health, Wealth, Fame, Relationship, Creativity (Children), Helpful People (Friends & Travel), Career, Wisdom, and Family. Don't worry everything will make sense.

Then I think about all of my dreams and goals that I want to achieve and write them down in all the right section. This initial step is my big brain dump and includes from my biggest goal (write down a theatre script) to my smallest wish (buy new glasses).

One big rule of the Law of Attraction is to write down things like they have already happened. For example, "I am financially free and wealthy" instead of "I want to get wealthy and financially free". And I always, always write my sentence in a positive way. For example, "I am healthy" instead of "I am not sick."

Doing this ahead of time allows me to think carefully about what I want to add to each section. I do not feel rushed and it is less likely to forget something essential.


2. Create a Bagua Map for my Feng Shui Vision Board

I divide the poster board into a nine section, known as The Bagua Map, by drawing two equidistant vertical and horizontal lines. After that, I title each section with the life area that it corresponds with in the Bagua.

The Bagua Map is a key component of Feng Shui. It provides a nice frame work and some general life categories to keep your goals and vision board well rounded.

Each section has a corresponding life area associated with it as well as a color. You can cut and use the colorful paper sheets, and place them on your board.

There is no right or wrong way to make a vision board, but if you do want to follow the Feng Shui method, you need to keep the same order and colors of the sections as the image example below.

(Credit: Dream Splash Feng Shui Vision Board Kit)


3. I find the perfect images for Feng Shui Vision Board

I search for and cut out images that embody my goals and speak to me.

I love this step!

I hop on the computer and start my image "hunt" - Google, Pinterest, Instagram... I use all of my resources. 

After I have all of the images that represent my dreams and goals, I print and cut them out. 

When you make a Feng Shui Vision Board, it is very important to start from the center - the Health section, because it's the most powerful one.  Make sure to put a happy picture of yourself.

After I am done with the middle, I continue onto Wealth in the top left corner, and move in a clockwise direction onto Fame, and so on, to complete the board.  

I always add some positive affirmations on my Feng Shui Vision Board such as "I am healthy now and forever" and "Creative ideas come to me all the time." 


4. Visualize my dreams and goals daily

When I am done with my Feng Shui Vision Board, I put it on a place where I can see it regularly!

I hang mine in my office, in front of my desk, but you could put yours anywhere you will see it daily. The act of creating it is important, but so is seeing it daily. I make sure to pause and gaze the images and affirmations at least once a day. 

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