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What exactly is a vision board?

Great Question! A vision board is so much more than you most likely realize. The vision board is the most powerful instrument for visualization. It is a formidable tool that focuses your thoughts and brings clarity to your mind to help you achieve your goals. Rather impressive, wouldn’t you agree?

Do you know about the Law of Attraction? 

  To keep it short and to the point - what you think about, what you envision and focus on in your mind is what you attract into your life. Creating a Dream Splash Feng Shui Vision Board helps you focus your thoughts and apply the Law of Attraction to your day-to-day life. This is what makes a vision board such a powerful tool to help with achieving your goals. 

What is visualization?

   In simple terms, visualization is the gap between the internal to the external. It’s allowing the subconsciousness to flow freely into the consciousness. Imagine a bridge. Now, on one side of the bridge lie all your dreams, and on the other side is the reality where your dreams would be realized and manifested. The more you envision and manifest the easier it becomes for your dreams to come true. The Universe is always listening, visualization helps you to communicate your true desires. Let the Dream Splash Feng Shui Vision Board do its job by eventually guiding you to people and places that will help you materialize your dreams. Your job isn’t to worry about how you will get to that point, but rather letting your imagination flow freely, and be sure to trust this process. The more you believe, the easier it is. 

There are different types of vision boards and that the Feng Shui is the most powerful one because it combines the Law of Attraction and Feng Shui. You can use some of the box descriptions:
"The Dream Splash Feng Shui Vision Board helps you focus your positive thoughts and apply the Law of Attraction to your day-to-day life. Feng Shui is an ancient practice that uses energy forces to create harmony between humans and their environment. The Dream Splash Feng Shui Vision Board enables you to influence these interacting energies to achieve specific life improvements. When the concepts of The Law of Attraction and Feng Shui are combined on your vision board, you have created a powerful tool for positively shaping and creating your destiny. Let the Dream Splash Feng Shui Vision Board do its job by guiding you to people, places, and opportunities that will help you achieve your goals and materialize your dreams.

How exactly does the Dream Splash Feng Shui Vision Board help me attain my goals?

   You have no doubt heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words.” What this means is that a picture is compelling. And it’s so true! As you gaze at the Dream Splash Feng Shui Vision Board and focus on the images, your mind begins to imagine you inside those photos living your dreams. The more you do this, the more your subconscious mind holds onto these thoughts and believes in the vision. It is this powerful subconscious realization that activates the Law of Attraction!

   Here is an example. Imagine that one of your goals is to graduate from college. So, on your Dream Splash Feng Shui Vision Board, you post photos of the degree you want to achieve and or people attending a graduation ceremony. As you look at your vision board and these photos, you see yourself in that crowd, adorned in a cap and gown. These images, as well as thinking about them every day, will help you stay motivated and focused on your dreams and goals. These continuous motivational thoughts will eventually give birth to inspiration and even more positive thinking, which will activate the Law of Attraction. Once activated, the Law of Attraction will move the Universe to bring you all you need in life to achieve your goals. Again, imagine that you have applied for a scholarship to pay for the college education you so want. When the Law of Attraction is activated, doors are opened to you to ensure your success, and it can put that scholarship into your hands! 

   You must remember to remain open to all the possibilities that the Universe is preparing for you. Don’t limit the power of the Law of Attraction or lose focus on your dreams. The Universe is designed to help you, but you must learn to be patient and ask for what you need. By creating your Dream Splash Feng Shui Vision Board and using it daily to align your thoughts, you are asking the Universe to help you.

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