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What is Feng Shui and how does impact your vision board?

Are you familiar with Feng Shui? If so, you can already see how Feng Shui will impact your vision board and the positivity that will result from its influence. If you aren’t very familiar with Feng Shui, you are going to love it!

A quick lesson on Feng Shui!

   Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science that was developed more than 3000 years ago. It is still here with us today because Feng Shui is very powerful. If you translate the two words “Feng” and “Shui,” they literally mean “Wind” and “Water.” These two elemental concepts represent your destiny and your environment. Feng Shui teaches that the two are connected, and if we live in harmony and balance with our environment, this can have a positive effect on our future. Based on the Taoist vision and understanding of nature, the idea that land is alive and filled with energy, is called Chi. Keep in mind a Feng Shui Vision Board will correspond to each section with the following basic elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, and Metal

Feng Shui is essentially the interaction of humans and their environments. It enables you to influence these interacting energies to achieve specific life improvements. This influence is gained by positioning or designing your surroundings in harmony with principles of natural energy flow. Feng Shui reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure health and good fortune for those inhabiting it. These systems of laws for spatial arrangement and orientation are taken into account when people are designing buildings, placing furniture and possessions and even bodies. It offers a unique way of looking at these elements and provides balance, comfort, and harmony into your environment.

The main tools used in Feng Shui are the compass and the Bagua. The Bagua, or the energy map, is an octagonal grid containing the symbols of the I Ching, the ancient oracle on which Feng Shui is based. The Compass , or Luo-Pan, is used to access the deeper information of a building. It consists of bands of concentric rings arranged around the magnetic needle.

It is important to know that there are several different schools of Feng Shui. Once you master the basics of Feng Shui you will start seeing powerful results and understand why Feng Shui is used in both homes and offices all over the world.


The Feng Shui Bagua Map

When the concepts of Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction are combined on your vision board, you have created a powerful tool for positively shaping and creating your destiny. 

A Bagua is the Feng Shui energy map superimposed on the floor plan of your home. The Chinese word "Bagua" translates to mean “eight areas.” Each of the eight areas relates to a different life circumstance, such as family, wealth, or career. And, each of these areas has corresponding shapes, colors, seasons, number, and earthly elements. At the center of the Bagua—a ninth area—is you, representing your overall health and wellness.

There are several Feng Shui schools of thought. All of them use Baguas when analyzing your home; however, some may apply the Bagua in different ways. The Western and BTB (Black Sect) schools usually lay the Bagua so that the knowledge, career, and helpful people areas align with the front door of the home. The Flying Stars and other classical schools may orient the Bagua based on the energy of the year or the compass.


The Bagua Areas

The easiest way to incorporate the Bagua in your life is to identify one to three areas that need the most attention. Do not attempt to work on all areas at once. To strengthen your energy or improve flow in those areas, incorporate Feng Shui suggestions in that particular area. For example, if you want to encourage fertility, you might add a metallic, circular table in the part of your house representing children. 

Health (Tai Qi)

  • Representing: health, overall wellness, the center
  • Shape: flat, square
  • Colors: brown, orange, yellow
  • Season: transitions between the seasons
  • Number: 5
  • Element: Earth 

Wealth (Xun)

  • Representing: wealth, abundance, prosperity
  • Shape: columnar, rectangular
  • Colors: purple
  • Season: spring
  • Number: 5
  • Element: Yin wood

Fame (Li)

  • Representing: fame, reputation, passion, visibility
  • Shape: triangle, pointy
  • Colors: red
  • Season: summer
  • Number: 9
  • Element: Fire

Relationship (Kun)

  • Representing: relationships, marriage, self-care
  • Shape: flat, square
  • Colors: pink
  • Season: transitions between the seasons
  • Number: 2
  • Element: Yin earth

Creativity (Dui)

  • Representing: creativity, children, completion, joy
  • Shape: circular, spherical
  • Colors: white, metallic
  • Season: autumn
  • Number: 7
  • Element: Yin metal

Helpful People (Qian)

  • Representing: helpful people, spirituality, travel, friends
  • Shape: circular, spherical
  • Colors:  gray, metallic
  • Season:  autumn
  • Number:  6
  • Element:  Yang metal

Career (Kan)

  • Representing: career, path in life
  • Shape: wavy, curvy
  • Colors: black
  • Season: winter
  • Number: 1
  • Element: water

Wisdom (Gen)

  • Representing: wisdom, self-cultivation, skillfulness
  • Shape: flat, square
  • Colors: dark blue
  • Season: transitions between the seasons
  • Number: 8
  • Element: Yang earth

Family (Zhen)

  • Representing: family, new beginnings
  • Shape: columnar, rectangular
  • Colors: green, blues, teal
  • Season: spring
  • Number: 4
  • Element: Yang wood


The Five Elements

The five elements - earth, metal, water, wood, and fire - come from the Taoist tradition. The elements are five interrelated phases in life that work together to create a complete system. Typically, the practice of Feng Shui works to balance these five facets in your home and each of your life areas or Bagua.

To incorporate the elements in your life and your home, you have to define where you want to focus your energy. Much like the Bagua, you choose the one to three areas of your life you want to improve. Then, you strengthen your energy and your home's energy by adding the suggested colors or shapes in that room.

For example, your Bagua shows that your bedroom aligns with your health, overall wellness, and the place where you rejuvenate. It ties into the earth element. Consider ways to incorporate earth tones, ceramic or clay pottery, stones, or crystals in that room. After you have made improvements there, focus on a couple of other rooms or areas of your life. Look at the corresponding elements in those rooms and welcome that positive change into your life by adding those elements. The intent is to bring positive energy to those rooms, those areas of your life, and, ultimately, your entire home.


  • Qualities: grounded, self-care, stable
  • Shape: flat, square
  • Colors: brown, orange, yellow
  • Season: transitions between the seasons
  • Areas: health, knowledge, partnerships 


  • Qualities: efficient, precise, beauty 
  • Shape: circular, spherical
  • Colors: white, metallic
  • Season: autumn
  • Areas: helpful people, children


  • Qualities: downward, flowing, shifting
  • Shape: wavy, curvy
  • Colors: black
  • Season: winter
  • Area: career


  • Qualities: expansive, vitality, upward
  • Shape: columnar, rectangular
  • Colors: green, blues
  • Season: spring
  • Areas: family, wealth


  • Qualities: passion, illuminating, brilliant
  • Shape: triangle, pointy
  • Colors: red
  • Season: summer
  • Area: fame

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